Core Finish

Core Finishes

Standard toroidal cores are all furnished with an isolation coating. Coating type and dielectric strength vary with part sizes, details and test conditions are offered on the part pages. Finishes are tested for dielectric strength with conductive foam pads pressed against the two flat surfaces and around the OD/ID corners of the core.

Epoxy coated parts are UL approved for Flame Class UL94V‐0 per file #OCDT2.E350791. A copy of the file can be located: UL Certification

Part numbers are labeled on individual parts on toroid sizes 0.40 in. (10.2mm) and larger.  Toroid part sizes less than 0.40 in (10.2mm) are coated with Parylene N.  Parylene C is available upon request but is not RoHS Halogen compliant.

Part number suffix indicates coating type as follows: